Medieval Town in Lower Franconia

1300 years of history

Ochsenfurt. Located in Lower Franconia. Flanked by vineyards. In the year 725 first mentioned and with best preserved medieval city fortification. If you walk through the Old Town of Ochsenfurt, you can look at the Franconian Middle Ages at close range.

Ochsenfurt creates pure medieval feeling

Not only in Ochsenfurt, but in the whole of Mainfranken, a special feeling comes up to be very close to Franconian history. Locals may not always be always of this. At the sight of massive city gates, ancient walls, profane buildings and sacred buildings, however, domestic and foreign guests are rightly astonished.

And it does not always have to be the big players like Bamberg or Rothenburg ob der Tauber which pull into the spell. Especially the smaller cities and also villages have their very special charm. And so the region of Mainfranken offers this certain idyll together with its romance and the everywhere visible part of its heart, the wine. All of this characterizes the entire franconian region here.

All this also applies to Ochsenfurt. One of the best-preserved medieval cities in Bavaria. One of the oldest cities in Mainfranken at all. And with regard to the size of the city, which is not very large, the density of ancient walls and monuments can only be described as exceptional. Moreover, the city is very central. This also makes Ochsenfurt particularly suitable to cover the main Franconian region from here.

Day excursion and base camp

Guests of Mainfranken should pay a visit to the city of Ochsenfurt, a truely medieval city along the river. And in fact, Ochsenfurt is visited practically every season by lots of guests from Germany and all over the world.

In addition, the tourism potential of the entire region has not been undetected. Here, there are no longer only the crowds of Asians in the regional trains between Würzburg and Steinach. Also the tourist river shipping (primarily the Viking River Cruises) and with these many American guests discover the Main, the Maintal and the surroundings of the medieval Town of Ochsenfurt more and more.

For all those who are looking for a base camp for exploring cities like Würzburg or Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Ochsenfurt is a highly interesting option. Geographically, Ochsenfurt is ideally located. Here you are going to find yourself in the middle of the Middle Ages. Centrally located in the Maindreieck and all traffic connections.

These traffic connections do not only refer to motorways or federal roads. Ochsenfurt is also a popular tourist destination du to a cycle path which crosses the city. So if you want to explore Mainfranken you have many options. If you want you can even go on a cycling tour through the region and the river Main.