Camping in Ochsenfurt? This is also excellent. In addition to classic accommodation options in Ochsenfurt in hotels and restaurants, the city also offers campers the best opportunities to stay.

Camping Site Polisina

Already elsewhere we mentioned a regular institution in Ochsenfurt, the „Hotel Polisina„. Who is interested in camping in Ochsenfurt with certainty will stumble over this object known throughout the city.

The hotel is located in the east of the city, on the road to Marktbreit / Kitzingen. If you come from there, turn left shortly before the sign and the sugar factory (about 200 meters ahead). The route is well signposted. The Polisina is located in a beautiful small forest area on the eastern edge of the city, between the river and hospital „Mainklinik“.

In addition, the hotel operates a campground. The „Polisina campsite“ has 80 permanent pitches, 30 pitches and 20 tent pitches. Welcome are not only camping cars but also bikers and drivers who want to camp here.

For tourists the place offers an excellent view. From here it is, for example, by bike the best way to explore the surrounding countryside of the town. Good to know: The Polisina camping site offers a bike rental, too.

The fact that hotel and camping site are located directly next to each other brings a further, not to be despicable advantage with it. If you are looking for a top-class restaurant, tennis courts or a sauna area, this campsite is definitely the right place for you.

More information about the Hotel Polisina can be found here.

Knaus Camping Park in Frickenhausen

The name Knaus goes back to the manufacturer of camping cars and travel trailers. One of them, the „Südwind“ was produced in Marktbreit and Ochsenfurt for a long time. That is why this names shows up at various locations in Ochsenfurt.

Frickenhausen lies east of Würzburg, on the north bank of the river Main and in direct neighbourhood to Ochsenfurt. Frickenhausen is one of the oldest vintages in this franconian region at all. From the end of the village of Ochsenfurt in the direction of Frickenhausen it is only a few meters walk to the campground.

The Knaus Camping Park is beautifully situated in a very quiet area opposite the eastern end of a stream island, which also houses the local swimming pool. Users of the camping park in Frickenhausen can take advantage of this public swimming pool free of charge (there are corresponding vouchers for this). And if you just want to cool down, you’ll maybe prefer the little in-house pool.

More information about the Knaus Campingpark in Frickenhausen can be found here.